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Bundestag is set ratify Georgia-EU Association Agreement

Georgian Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili met with President of the German Bundestag Norbert Lammert, who is on a business visit to Georgia along with a Bundestag delegation.
The delegation is planning to hold meetings with representatives of the legislative and executive authorities.
Georgia’s Foreign Minister gave a high assessment to the close and friendly relations established between Georgia and Germany.
“Mr. Lammert’s visit is a demonstration of strong support for Georgia. The German Bundestag is ready to take concrete steps. We focused on the issue of timely ratification of the Association Agreement and measures to be implemented to support Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration by the German Bundestag. The German side expressed its readiness to use all instruments for political and economic support,”- the Minister stated.
The Georgian Minister provided the Bundestag deputy with the detailed information on the current situation in Georgia's occupied territories, focusing on the priority issues in terms of Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration.
Beruchashvili emphasized the importance of the international community's support and particularly that of the German Federal Republic at a time when Georgia and the EU’s eastern neighbors are still facing serious challenges in terms of security and stability.
In turn, Lammert reaffirmed the readiness of both legislative and executive authorities of Germany to provide maximum support to Georgia in the process of integration with the European and Euro-Atlantic structures.
The conversation also referred to issue of adopting the resolution supporting Georgia's European integration by the German Bundestag.
Norbert Lammert remarked that the reforms stipulated by the Association Agreement are dynamically carried out and that this process should not be impeded.
Tamar Beruchashvili thanked Nobert Lammert for supporting Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

:: 2015-02-13 19:07:29 ::

FC Barcelona wins UEFA Super Cup
FC Barcelona has become the winner of the UEFA Super Cup final match which was held in Tbilisi. Barcelona beat

Rustavi TV2 shares and property completely attached
By order of Tbilisi City Court, shares of Rustavi partners and the TV Company’s property have been fully attached, -

President vetoes the bill on NBG
President Margvelashvili has vetoed the bill on the National Bank of Georgia at today's briefing. The bill, which envisages separation

PM meets European Parliament delegation
Georgia has shown important progress in terms of European integration, - European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Elmar Brok said

SWAT team member testifies against SWAT officials
Jason Miladze, a SWAT team member accused in connection with the so-called tennis court special operation, testified against SWAT high

National movement welcomes president"s veto
Untied national Movement welcomes Presidnet"s veto on amendments in draft law on the National Bank. The parliamentary minority members think

Zurab Zhvania"s doctor was questioned at the trial today
Zurab Zhvania"s doctor- Zura Phagava was questioned at the trial today. He stated that he examined the late prime Minister

President to veto law on the National Bank
President Margvelashvili is going to impose a veto on the amendments to the law on the National Bank. As President’s

I highly appreciate your government's reaction - Donald Tusk
The recent erection of border signposts is a clear provocation, - stated President of the European Council Donald Tusk at

Georgia is a true leader in the Eastern Partnership - Tusk
“Georgia has defined its own path as a closely associated partner of the EU and our bilateral relations are strong,”-

Riga summit declaration officially published
The final declaration of the Eastern Partnership summit has been published. The document does not provide for any specific dates


FC Barcelona wins UEFA Super Cup

Rustavi TV2 shares and property completely attached

President vetoes the bill on NBG

PM meets European Parliament delegation

SWAT team member testifies against SWAT officials


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