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Current Time 22:56

Interview with one of the most distinguished contemporary artists, Janis Kounelis on Green Wave in live

The program is a part of the project "Radio Stream" which is implemented  by Radio Green Wave in cooperation with the Italian Radio - Amisnet of Rome and Vallekas of Madrid. Green Wave prepared an interview with one of the most distinguished contemporary artists - MrJanis Kounelis

The highlights of the inteview were the contemporary art, the works of the artist and the impact of modern culture on art. 

At the end of the interview Mr. Kounelis commented on his art work-exhibited in "Matadero Madrid" - Contemporary Art Centre in Madrid

The interview was led by an art historian - Nana Kipiani

The interview was translated by translato r- Maia Donadze

Radio Green Wave gives special thanks to Mr Janis Kounelis's wife- Mrs Michelle Kudrei for the help in preparing the interview.

   Full interview

:: აუდიო ვერსია: Listen


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