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Debates Held in Heinrich Boll Foundation

Goal of the radio version of Debates Held in Heinrich Boll Foundation is to inform general public about the discussions held in the fund.

Participants of the discussion speak about society’s most important topical subjects and the Green Wave live

The program provides Information support of democratic reforms and increases civic awareness.

Duration of the project: 7 months

Weekly program at 17:00 pm every other Friday

Number of programs: 14 

Duration of the program: 45 minutes

Student Self-Governances – Challenges and Prospects

Resolution 1325: Women, Pease and Safety

HIV and Human Rights

Implementation of Justice and Human Rights Protection in Georgian Justice System

New Directions of the Georgian Forestry Sector Reform

Repatriation Issues of the Muslim Meskhetians

Participatory City Development - Road to Social Cohesion

Inclusive Education in Georgia

The Registration Procedure of Religious Associations as Legal Entities

Homophobia - whether or not the attitude towards minorities change in Georgia

Challenges of the Regional Media

Public Defender’s Report on Human Rights and Freedom Protection Situation in Georgia – 2010 year

Language of Hatred in Georgia: Fine line between freedom of expression and Offense

Refugees Integration Issues in Nowadays Georgian Society

Ways of Understanding of Soviet Union Legacy

Family Abuse: Myth and Reality

Urban Development of Tbilisi: Current Situation and Prospects

Jury in Georgia

Current Situation in North Caucasus and Possible Impact on the Security and Stability

Ongoing Constitutional Reform in Georgia

Challenges of Georgian Economic System

Georgian-Abkhazian Youth Dialogue: Prospects and Challenges

Georgian-Russian Relations: Prospects of Dialogue Resumption

Waste Management

A Little War that Shook the World

Society and Politics: Vectors of Influence

Cultural Heritage Protection Policy

New Priorities of an Educational System

Patriotism: From Individual Perception to the State Policy

How to over sail the “sea” to Europe? - National Strategy and the Georgian culture

International Independent Fact-finding Report Related to the conflict in Georgia

Public broadcaster: "Politics and Society”

Standard of Living in Modern Tbilisi: Vision of Urban Development

Fate of Georgian Refugees: Misery, Problems and Hopes

History of Soviet Union and Understanding Problems of Stalinism

Homophobia: from Private space to Public space

Problems of Georgian-Russian Relations

1989-2009: Transformation of Society and Country – from National Movement into Civil Protest.

Modernization Project in Georgia

Political Alternative: Referendum Strategy


FC Barcelona wins UEFA Super Cup

Rustavi TV2 shares and property completely attached

President vetoes the bill on NBG

PM meets European Parliament delegation

SWAT team member testifies against SWAT officials


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