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My Insurance

Association and Radio Green Wave implements the project - Advocate Vulnerable Population for Better

Healthcare Insurance Reforms, which aimes at advocating the society involved in State Insurance Program and promoting the activities of the Health Insurance Mediation Service (HIMS) which is a part of the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs (MOLHSA) of Georgia. 

The project -Advocate Vulnerable Population for Better Healthcare Insurance Reforms - is implemeted in the framework of the program initiated by East West Management Institute - Policy, Advocacy and Civil Society Devel;opment in Georgia ( G-PAC) and is funded by USAID. 

The pseries of programs don't show the viewpoints of the USA. 

ჩემი დაზღვევა    on FACEBOOK

Weekly  programs at 17 pm every Thursday

Duration of the program: 45 minutes

Homecare program in Georgia

How much the ambiguity caused by the changes in health insurance will affect the citizens

What will be the outcome of a new health insurance policy

State assistance for the patients in need for homecare

How much the healthcare system satisfies the quality standards and will it worsen the quality. The accessibility of State Insurance program

Who will better ensure the service of the insured people: Insurance companies or the State Fund?

What will be the causes of the launch of State Insurance Foundation which was previouslyannounced by the government, on the insurance market

New Tendencies of Insurance Policy

What are the fears and expectations among citizens about the ongoing changes in the State Insurance program and new Insurance policy

How do the insurance programs function in the regions of Georgia in transmission period?

Some facts showing how doctors and medical institutions try to mislead and provide wrong information to the citizens

How will the insurance system continue functioning in the conditions of government change

Medical personnel

How does a new Insurance program work in Imereti region

What drawbacks and lapses are expected in the insurance system as a result of the rapid growth in the number of the insured people. What are the results of one-week monitoring and what are the problems seen by the insurance companies and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs

How much the infrastructure and medical personnel are ready for the grown number of the insured people in different regions of Georgia. What are the supposed problems of the citizens during the realization of the insurance policy

The results of the research “Healthcare in Georgia” published by the International Transparency and recommendations

What are the complaints of the majority of the population towards the Mediation Service. Is Mediation Service ready to effectively and duly solve the drawbacks caused by the growth of the citizens?

How prepared is the hospital service for the grown number of the insured people and how it will affect the quality of service

Drawbacks existing in the hospital sector

International Transparency

The advantages of the State Insurance packet (pensioners, children under 6, students and people with disabilities)

New functions and priorities of the Mediation Service. Systematic problems between the medical institutions and insurance companies reflected on the patients’ rights

The drawbacks of the Insurance system

.Will the rights to choose the insurance company improve the quality of the service?

How accessible is healthcare for the population alongside the existence of bureaucracy for patients

Systemic drawbacks in relationships between insurance companies and clinics

Insurance and peculiarities of general regional healthcare system and relative problems

What is changed in the Mediation Service as a result of the expanded functions and how will the changes affect the newly created insurance system in Georgia

Joining the Mediation Service with the Regulation Agency and the expansion of its functions. What are the supposed specific benefits of these changes to the insured people?

Provider Medical institutions of the insurance companies

Do the subjective and objective problems existing between clinics and insurance companies cause problems to the service and who is the target for paid Mediation service

# 80 resolution of the Georgian government about the Mediation Service

Drawbacks of State Insurance

Is there any standard set by the ministry about what is considered to be the high technological examination?

What are the problems met by patients while getting treatment and reimbursement for the treatment and how can they be solved

Why is it problematic to cover the expenses of the treatment for the people who have State Insurance

How Fast Emerging Problems with Insurance Companies and Clinics Are Solved by the Mediation Service Center for State Insured Citizens

Whether or not Additional Explanations are necessary for the State Insurance Policies

Newly Opened Hospitals – What benefits will they bring to the State Insured Citizens, living in regions

Drawbacks of State Insurance Programmes in Guria and Achara – Regions of Georgia

Reason of the limited choice of Insurance Companies’ Provider Hospitals and whether it is possible to reduce the time frame for receiving Medical Care

About Current Mechanisms for Protecting Rights of State Insured Citizens

Health Care Quality

Drawbacks of Insurance Service

Expected Results of the State Insurance Policy

Functions of Health Insurance Mediation Service Center

About the New Project of National Insurance and the Right of Choosing Insurance Companies

New National Insurance Project for Pensioners and Children

How Citizens, Insured by the State should protect their Rights

Problems between Insurance Companies and Citizens Insured by State

Drawbacks of National Health Insurance Programme

Presentation "National Health Insurance Programme for Socially Vulnerable Citizens"


FC Barcelona wins UEFA Super Cup

Rustavi TV2 shares and property completely attached

President vetoes the bill on NBG

PM meets European Parliament delegation

SWAT team member testifies against SWAT officials


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